This mixtape is called 2021

Hi... thanks for stoping by.

I've struggled a lot with how self indulgent this whole project is and now I am presenting what what is arguably the most pretentious installment. My 2021 mix.

I have always had issue with year end lists. I enjoy the reflection but wrestle with the criteria. There is no way I know what is the best stuff to have come out in a particular year. I was too busy being an idiot for most of it.

The main focus of this Mix Tape project has been to make mixes that I want to listen to. While that seems obvious, this simple prompt has truly been integral in shaping how these mixes come together. So applying this idea to only music that came out in 2021 should make this quite simple. In many ways it has but there is always that sinking feeling that I've just barely scratched the surface.

When I started making these mixes there were a few false starts on process. I had a clear vision of what I wanted to produce but was unsure about how to it. I knew I wanted to be able to pull in music from wherever, I wanted to add additional sounds/clips and I wanted to give myself some self imposed time limits.

In a weird way also wanted to extend a bit of the difficulty of the process to the listener. This is to say I recognize that my format choice is not the most convenient. However, if you told the 15 year old me who had just bought his first book on HTML that I could do what I am now doing I would have been beside myself. I am well aware of the multitude of services that would allow me to showcase playlists in what is generally considered a far more user friendly format. Whatevs...

Once I had settled on a process I quickly realized how important it was to actually own the music. On the most basic level it simply made the process easier. On a personal level it made me realize "oh... this album that I consider essential is something that I do not own".

While I do lament the demise of the small record store I also understand the inevitable shift that comes with technology and industry reckoning. I love to frequent any outlet that is putting money back into a local economy as well as towards artists. I am also deeply aware that I, like the rest of us, am lazy. Sucks to say, however, sucks even more to willfully ignore.

That being said I have held myself to the following criteria.

Any song that I have put on one of these mixes is either

  1. From a CD, record or tape that I own.
  2. From an mp3 that I have purchased through either the band's website/label or download code that I came by in good faith.
  3. Purchased from Bandcamp
  4. Purchased from iTunes

Is this going to change anything the grand scheme of things. I don't think so. However, "while I'm alive I'll make tiny changes to earth".

This will be my last Mix for 2021 and I really want to thank anyone who has taken the time to visit the site, read any of this stuff and hopefully listen to some music. I am been so appreciative of the feedback that I have gotten and plan on taking the next few weeks to re-configure this site now that I have a working proof of concept. I will likely still spam Instagram with my desperate pleas for mix tape attention, however, if you are so inclined there is an email signup below. Please don't feel any pressure to sign up but I promise to make it a fun extension of these pages. Also I will never judge you if you unsubscribe. Scouts honor.

Thanks y'all!

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Album / Compilation
Interview with director Mike Mills
Mogwai - Dry Fantasy
As the Love Continues (2021)
slowthai - nhs
TYRON (2021)
Aaron Frazer - If I Got It (Your Love Brought It)
Introducing... (2021)
Petite League - BAD FOR FUN
BAD FOR FUN (single) (2021)
OMG I MADE IT (2021)
Japanese Breakfast - Be Sweet
Jubilee (2021)
Interview with director Mike Mills
Xenia Rubinos - Who Shot Ya?
Una Rosa (2021)
LP! (2021)
Lubalin - long txts
long txts (single) (2021)
Citizen - Blue Sunday
Life In Your Glass World (2021)
Bartees Strange - Weights
Weights (single) (2021)
illuminati hotties - Pool Hopping feat. Bartees Strange
Pool Hopping feat. Bartees Strange (single) (2021)
Dayglow - Crying on the Dancefloor
Harmony House (2021)
Interview with director Mike Mills
Charlotte Day Wilson - Mountains
ALPHA (2021)
The War On Drugs - Old Skin
I Don't Live Here Anymore (2021)
standards - Papaya
yum !! (2021)
Jenevieve - Baby Powder
Division (2021)
Indigo De Souza - Way Out
Any Shape You Take (2021)