This mixtape is called CVS of my dreams

This is my first 'commissioned work' in this mix tape project. I was hoping that people might listen to these things but at the same time wasn't spending too much time on considering the audience. However, I got a text...

Mixtape request

Now clearly this is from my #1 fan but I was still a little surprised. Like any anxiety ridden introvert I went into a mini tailspin of "omg am I already blowing it??". After I composed myself I asked her what she was looking for and the request was simple.

Mixtape request response

Now this had been something that I'd been thinking about a bit after I started putting these mixes out there. I have never been too interested in censoring music around my children (we'll see how this plays out in the long run). However, I definitely don't always play everything full blast in the living room and I try to have a reasonable understanding of time/place. Upon learning that people (sometimes multiple) actually listened to a mix of mine my first reaction was "rad!" and my second was "oh shit what did I put on there". My goal is to eventually give people a bit more of a heads up on content but hey you knew the price of admission...

When starting this particular mix the first thing that came to mind was of one of those videos that might pop up on your youtube feed called something like “3 hours of lofi study music” with a picture of someone at a desk (maybe that's just my youtube feed tho). I didn't want to create that (even though the prompt was kind of asking for that). I also did not want to lose myself too much in the "something that will thrill the teens" rabbit hole as that is a losing proposition.

All this inner dialogue made me think about spaces that are truly trying to cater to everyone and nobody at the same time... like a drug or grocery store (do people even call them drugstores anymore?). I have extended my stay at Ace Hardware multiple times because a banger of a song is playing overhead (plus I just fucking love that place).

Anyways, my approach to this mix involves you pretending that you are entering a CVS in a town you've never been in before. It's still mega corporate but perhaps they're a bit slower at retiring the halloween displays because A.) nobody cares and B.) the candy is still selling. Normally this store is supposed to pipe in CVS approved jams only. However, the manager at this store is willing to turn over the audio controls to his employees with one promise. NO SWEARING* (also no n-bombs). It's a fun place to shop. Plus maybe you'll find that deodorant that you never see at your local CVS anymore.

Thanks for taking this journey with me. Also happy birthday Serena. I love you lots.


*This assignment was really hard and to be honest I'm not entirely sure there is no swearing on this mix.

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