This mixtape is called more questions, less answers

Welcome to Season 4!

In reality the whole idea of "seasons" here is a joke but it's actually become helpful for some backend work so I've kept it.

I can't promise that this year will be much different but I have spent the quiet time thinking a lot about ways in which I might expand grow evolve(?) this project... ugh... No. None of those are the right words.

Let me try from another angle. For the last few years I've thought a lot about the internet and how broken it is. Recently Serena sent me a link to an excellent podcast called "How to Discover Your Own Taste"* from the Ezra Klein Show. So much of what was discussed in this piece is precisely what has been running through my head.

I enjoyed the podcast so much that I wrote an email in appreciation of the show and here is a snippet of said email.

I particularly enjoyed the discussion on “confrontation with new experience”. My guiding light with my mixtapes is making something that I want to listen to. However, while I enjoy every song on one of my mixtapes my expectation is not that the audience will as well. I understand that most people will likely never press play but for those that do, my hope is that I can create a journey that is both destabilizing but interesting. Which I suppose is exactly what I loved about the “fun internet”.

At the end of the day my goal is to try to bring back the fun internet. Being able to order something and get it tomorrow holds little interest to me. Being given a playlist of songs that sound like other songs I like has no place in my life. While I'm not pushing for the internet to be less helpful I am asking for more questions and less answers.

* It's funny when trying to link to this Podcast I encountered one aspect of our broken internet. The New York times is fairly paywalled and I don't know what system y'all use for Podcasts. Hopefully the direct link I've provided continues to work but do me a favor if it seems broken and give me a heads up.

Sign on up!

Album / Compilation
clip from Young Sherlock Holmes
Gene - Where Are They Now?
Drawn To The Deep End (1997)
Clarence Carter - The Feeling Is Right
The Best Of Clarence Carter (1971)
Two Door Cinema Club - Undercover Martyn
Tourist History (2010)
Blackalicious - 4000 Miles (feat. Chali 2na & Lateef the Truth Speaker)
Blazing Arrow (2002)
The Lightning Seeds - The Life of Riley
Sense (1992)
The Hollies - Do The Best You Can
More Great Hits (1986)
clip from The Charlie Brown Movie
Bryan Ferry - Rock Of Ages
In Your Mind (1977)
Bryce Vine - Private School
Night Circus - EP (2016)
Lord Huron - Wait by the River
Vide Noir (2018)
Lady Wray - Piece Of Me
Piece Of Me (2022)
HAIM - I've Been Down
Women In Music Pt. III (2020)
Låpsley - First
Through Water (2020)
clip from Jason and the Argonauts
BADBADNOTGOOD feat. Arthur Verocai - Love Proceeding
Talk Memory (2021)
M. Ward - too young to die (feat. first aid kit)
Supernatural Thing (2023)
Joan As Police Woman - Magpies
To Survive (2008)
that dog - Until The Day I Die
Retreat From The Sun (1997)