This mixtape is called Shelter In Playlist

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I took the above photo on March 26th 2020. I think by that time we were aware that the magical two weeks that we were going to be sheltering in place was likely to be extended.

Serena and I have been out of the mix for the last 10 days as we got covid and have been testing positive for this time. It's been a roller coaster of feelings both in my body and in my head. By far the toughest part of this experience has been distancing myself from my kids. I am so thankful that they've remained negative but I miss those little dumb dumbs.

The act of quarantining itself has felt eerily familiar.

As I have had ample time to sit around and think a lot I was remembering some details of the origin of this whole project. Originally I had thought about making 'blocks' of music to play on the small radio transmitter that I had built.

This was a fun idea but it also felt like I would be essentially doing the same thing that sadly most real radio stations have moved toward. While it would still have had a human element to it I was worried that I'd just make a handful of these blocks and have them spinning on repeat and only the same stuff would be playing.

When the pandemic hit, I like everyone else was just trying to figure out what to do. This radio/music-block idea was still kicking around in my head but the idea of making it slightly more accessible became more interesting. The name "Shelter In Playlist" came to me early on. The idea of sharing music in a more personal fashion would be fun. However, at the time I wasn't sure how to proceed.

Also... I have a major hangup with the concept of "playlists". It's not that I feel they're inherently bad. It's just that I feel the technology gives you all the rope and more to make something that isn't necessarily useful. When I'm not testing positive come on over for a beer and we can talk about it.

All this said for the last 10 days I've been hanging out mostly by myself in my room and so I thought if nothing else Shelter In Playlist is a pretty good name. Let's go for it...

Larson's Garage March 2020 see if you can find the little playmobil guy in this larger photo!

Sign on up!

Album / Compilation
clip from War Games
Fleet Foxes - Can I Believe You
Shore (2020)
Editors - Bricks And Mortar
In This Light And On This Evening (2009)
slowthai - Never Again
UGLY (2023)
Gorillaz - Baby Queen
Cracker Island (2022)
Dinner Party, Terrace Martin, Robert Glasper, 9th Wonder & Kamasi Washington - Love You Bad (feat. Phoelix)
Dinner Party (2020)
clip of El-P on What Had Happened Was
Run The Jewels - out of sight (feat. 2 Chainz)
RTJ4 (2020)
Blood Orange - Charcoal Baby
Negro Swan (2018)
Beyoncé - Sorry
Lemonade (2016)
Superchunk - Iron On
Here's Where The Strings Come In (1995)
Unwound - We Are And Was Or Is
Fake Train (1993)
clip from The Big Chill
DJ Shadow - Giving Up the Ghost
The Private Press (2002)
Family of the Year, Classixx & Joe Keefe - Bird of Prey
Bird of Prey - Single (2023)
Hamish Lang - Recurring Spring
Seasons (2022)
The Pretenders - Biker
Viva El Amor (1999)