Larson and Serena watch White Lotus Season 2

The thing is I'm not a heavy TV watcher. Am I viewing screens constantly? Yes. Do I watch all manner of video? Yes. Do I believe the fact that I don't regularly watch TV shows makes me a better person? 100% No.

This is also not to say that I haven't watched a shit ton of TV. I do believe I have seen every episode of The Brady Bunch, Saved By The Bell, The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air as well as the lion's share of MacGyver. However, the list of shows I have not seen is much larger.

So anyways... in 2021 a movie club turned "Culture Club" that I was part of wanted to watch White Lotus. I went in blind and was fully down. By episode 3 I started to realize that White Lotus was not for me.

I'd like to be clear that I truly feel like if White Lotus is your thing that is fucking great. I hear all kinds of people are down for it and that is fantastic. It certainly seems like the actors are having a great time so that is fun for them!

See for me I initially had thought that this was a murder mystery when in fact I believe it is more akin to a soap opera. Now there is nothing inherently wrong with soap operas. It's just that I put in my time watching "Days Of Our Lives" with my sister in the late 90's.

I did my part though. I watched Season 1 and participated in the discourse all while openly saying "If they make a Season 2 I will never watch it". So why did you watch Season 2 Larson?

Great fucking question.

The answer to this can be traced back to New Years Eve. Much like TV shows NYE is generally not my thing. I even joked with friends in a text message that there was no way I was going to stay up to midnight. Several hours/beers later and after a giant shot of vodka (not really my beverage of choice) I was up past midnight and I had declared that I would watch Season 2 of White Lotus. I vaguely remember being told by a delightful millennial that Season 2 was better than 1 or something like that. Nobody bullied me. There were no threats. I just simply caved.

In the sober light of day I was quite confused as to why I said what I said. However, I'd said it and that was that.

Episode 1

I don't recall when the plan to make these little videos after each episode came to me. However, it seemed like it'd be something fun to do. The plan was never to share them outside of our text message thread but I like to treat this website as my personal junk drawer so here we go.

Episode 2

Once I decided to make these videos it helped me get more excited about watching the show. It still wasn't my thing but I liked the challenge of editing a low quality video each time we watched an episode to let the Movie Club know we were making progress.

Episode 3

Ok… everyone… buckle up.

Palumbo and I started later and drank more during this episode. This caused our question and answer period to perhaps go a bit more off the rails. However, in the ‘editing’ process I felt it was v important to just let it all ride…

So it’s a long one but I think I saved the file in a way that it won’t break the internet.

Grab an aperol spritz and enjoy.

This is the text message I sent out with this particular video.

Episode 4

In an attempt to switch up the format a timer was introduced. I'm not sure it entirely kept us more on track.

Episode 5

Two digital non-natives attempt to do things long distance.

Episode 6

Long distance kinks get semi ironed out.

Episode 7

And with this final video I have freed myself from this self imposed curse.

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