Two albums that were important to me in 2023

bully - lucky for you

Bully - Lucky For You

In 2015 I travelled to Portland Oregon to hang out with my friend and go see a show. The band that I had flown up there to see was a Canadian group called "Heat" who had a 5 song ep that I was over the moon about. Said friend had turned me on to the Band/EP and so it seemed to make perfect sense to fly to Portland to see an opening band... oh 2015 was a simpler time.

The headlining band for the show was Bully who I'd never heard of. Same went for the other opener Dead Soft. The night was a smashing success and my long weekend in Portland was a blast. I dug all the bands on the bill but I had that kind of tunnel vision that one gets when really wanting to see a particular band and all my attention was on Heat.

In the years that have passed Bully (Alicia Bognanno) has continually popped up on my radar and I have used her music several times in my mixtapes even going so far as to name one after one of her lyrics.

In the years since I have used multiple songs by Bully and this year I hade multiple friends reach out when I used the song "All I Do" from the album Lucky For You. So if I helped sell 3 more copies of that album I feel like a champ!

I feel like Bully is a recurring stranger who I owe so much to.

Songs from "Lucky For You" can be found on
"Everything for nothin' anything for you" - All I Do
"over/under thinking 2023" - A Wonderful Life

Bully - All I Do

daisies - great big open sky

Daisies - Great Big Open Sky

Seems like this year's wrap up is me talking about how one band led me to find another. I love this.

So my Apple Music replay/wrap-up thing told me that my top artist was Soft Kill. Is that true? I dunno... for argument's sake, sure. I am eternally grateful for a text a year or two ago from a friend with a link to their album "Dead Kids R.I.P. City" that instantly became a classic for me.

However, I'm not here to talk about Soft Kill. I am here to talk about Daisies. Who (if memory serves) I learned about via Soft Kill's instagram. I'm not sure what it was about Soft Kill's reference that intrigued me so much. Perhaps I noticed that they were on K Records who I have a long history with. All I know is that when I heard the song "We Don't Need Money" my life was changed.

I feel like I should be able to say a whole lot more but for me this was an album that was just instantly part of my life like it'd always been there before.

Songs from "Great Big Open Sky" can be found on
"You can't just say perchance" - We Don't Need Money
"over/under thinking 2023" - Who Am I?

Daisies - We Don't Need Money

So there are two albums for 2023 that I felt compelled to write about. There are many more that I enjoyed and even more that I have yet to hear. I'll keep working on that.

If you're in the mood for more music nerdery feel free to peruse my Report To The Shareholders.

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