Songs Used On It's Called Love mixtapes

Better Off Without You (2011)
Summer Camp
Boubou swag (feat. J. Mi Sissoko) (2011)
Claudia Lewis (2011)
Dirt (2011)
Wu Lyf
Everybody Pays (2011)
Big Harp
Good (2011)
The Dodos
I Can't Make You Love Me (2011)
Bon Iver
I Don't Feel Amazing Now (2011)
I Don't Want Love (2011)
The Antlers
Kaputt (2011)
L Y F (2011)
Wu Lyf
Lock The Locks (feat. Clare Maguire) (2011)
The Streets
Midnight City (2011)
Rebirth (2011)
Shingo Suzuki
Roosevelt Island (2011)
Eleanor Friedberger
Sweet James (2011)
Alex Winston
Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves) (2011)
The Wombats
Trust Me (2011)
The Streets
We Bros (2011)
Wu Lyf
Without You (2011)
Rainbow Arabia