Songs Used On It's Called Love mixtapes

10th Planet (2000)
Hot Snakes
2 Rights Make 1 Wrong (2001)
21 Questions (Featuring Nate Dogg) (2003)
50 Cent
23 (2007)
Blonde Redhead
3 The Hard Way (2004)
3rd Planet (2000)
Modest Mouse
A Dozen Roses (You Remind Me) (2006)
A Minor Incident (2002)
Badly Drawn Boy
Alone, Jealous And Stoned (2006)
The Secret Machines
At Your Funeral (2001)
Saves The Day
Bear Away (2001)
The Murder City Devils
Big Julie (2006)
Jarvis Cocker
Bird/Reprise (2008)
The Charlatans
Blood Red Summer (2003)
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (2004)
Green Day
Bricks And Mortar (2009)
Capitalism Stole My Virginity (2001)
The (International) Noise Conspiracy
Dancing In The Moonlight (2001)
Dancing Through Sunday (2003)
Don't Just Do Something (2001)
Don't Stop Me Now (2004)
Dreamin' Man (2001)
Neko Case
Dreamworld (2007)
Rilo Kiley
Everything Is Borrowed (2008)
The Streets
Family Tree (2008)
TV on the Radio
Famous Last Words (2006)
My Chemical Romance
Fear Of Sleep (2006)
The Strokes
Follow The Light (2001)
Ghetto Musick (2003)
Giving Up the Ghost (2002)
Gold Mine Gutted (2004)
Bright Eyes
Gravity Rides Everything (2008)
Hallelujah (2008)
The Helio Sequence
Head Rolls Off (2008)
Frightened Rabbit
Helena (2004)
My Chemical Romance
Homesick (2002)
The Vines
Hop A Plane (2007)
Tegan & Sara
Hounds Of Love (2004)
The Futureheads
Hymn (2009)
Brett Anderson
I Don't Like Mondays (2001)
Tori Amos
I Know It's Coming Someday (2003)
I See A Darkness (2000)
Johnny Cash
In The Fade (2000)
Queens Of The Stoneage
Into You (feat. Tamia) (2003)
It'5 (2005)
Architecture In Helsinki
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (2002)
Bryan Ferry
Jolene (2000)
The White Stripes
Justice In Murder (2007)
Like Eating Glass (2005)
Bloc Party
Little Motel (2007)
Modest Mouse
Love At First Feel (2001)
Mark Kozelek
Love Will Tear Us Apart (2006)
Susanna and the Magical Orchestra
Maple Leaves (7" version) (2005)
Jens Lekman
Melt Your Heart (2005)
Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins
My Adidas (2002)
New York City Cops (2002)
The Strokes
Poppin' Tags (feat. Big Boi & Killer Mike) (2002)
Portland Oregon (feat. Jack White) (2004)
Loretta Lynn
Precious (2005)
Red Eyes And Tears (2000)
Release Pt 1. (2002)
Right Right Now Now (2004)
Rolodex Propaganda (2000)
At The Drive In
Save My Skin (2001)
Rainer Maria
School Uniforms (2007)
The Wombats
Science Of Silence (2002)
Richard Ashcroft
Silent Sigh (2002)
Badly Drawn Boy
So Far To Go (2007)
Somewhere Only We Know (2004)
Standing On the Edge Of Summer (2001)
Sunlit Ascending (2006)
The Appleseed Cast
Takeover (2001)
The Brides Have Hit The Glass (2001)
Guided By Voices
The Crane Wife 3 (2006)
The Decemberists
The First Vietnamese War (2006)
The Black Angels
The Ghost Of You (2004)
My Chemical Romance
The Hazards of Love 4 (The Drowned) (2009)
The Decemberists
The Road West (2009)
The Appleseed Cast
The Sun Smells Too Loud (2008)
These Days (2001)
This Mystic Decade (2004)
Hot Snakes
This Woman's Work (2001)
Turn The Page (2002)
The Streets
Up In Flames (2002)
The Flaming Sideburns
Valerie (2007)
Mark Ronson (feat. Amy Winehouse)
Walkie Talkie (2002)
Wish List (2002)
Jets To Brazil
Witness (1 Hope) (2006)
Roots Manuva
Worst Comes To Worst (2001)
Dilated Peoples
You Are Free (2008)
Mates Of State
You Can Have It All (2000)
Yo La Tengo
You Got Me (feat. Mariah Carey & Jay-Z) (2003)
You're The One I Want (2002)
Jets To Brazil