Songs Used On It's Called Love mixtapes

10th Planet (2000)
Hot Snakes
3rd Planet (2000)
Modest Mouse
I See A Darkness (2000)
Johnny Cash
I Wouldn't Wanna Happpen To You (2000)
Idle Hands (2000)
The Murder City Devils
In The Fade (2000)
Queens Of The Stoneage
It Takes A Fool To Remain Sane (2000)
The Ark
Jolene (2000)
The White Stripes
Keep Your Dreams (2000)
Primal Scream
Let's Save Tony Orlando's House (2000)
Yo La Tengo
Red Eyes And Tears (2000)
Rolodex Propaganda (2000)
At The Drive In
South Tacoma Way (2000)
Neko Case
Summer's Gone (2000)
60ft Dolls
This Year's Love (2000)
David Gray
You Can Have It All (2000)
Yo La Tengo